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The London and Paris trip was organized by International Tours of Lansing. They did an awesome job making sure we had a wonderful experience.


Sunday, October 14, 2012


I remember my 20's, vaguely... I was confused. I was energetic. I was very ignorant to the ways of the big city having come from the small town of Oscoda. However, I did know a little about the alcohol. Many years later I've calmed my ways a lot. One could say that I'm basically docile living in a quiet domicile dealing with life's daily drudgery. So I was definitely amused as well as slightly disgusted when I stepped out of my house and was confused at what was across the way.

Then upon closer inspection it was confirmed that the birds and the bees keep trying and trying. The tenacity of young pups could line up to be something to be admired. Yet, I wonder as I go back through my fuzzy memories, how in the hell did these two end up passed out on the front lawn. Oh, I giggle at the all familiar dichotomy of man's pants around his ankles and woman fully clothed. Yep, I remember my 20's, vaguely...

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